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This website is dedicated for all alumni of the Moral Training English College at the Oxford Road in Hong Kong.  It serves particularly for the members of 5e78 Alumni Association.  All graduated from the class of Form 5E in the year of 1978 and their spouse are automatically became member of the association.  All others graduated from different classes or different years can request to become a member, subjected to approval.

This website is being built, so please be patient.  If you have any questions and enquiry, please email to

Hello!! Welcome to the 5e78 Alumni Association

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35th Anniversary

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Celebrating 35th Anniversary

Members, spouse and guests were gathered together at January 5, 2013 to celebrate the 35th birthday of the 5e78 alumni association.  Click here to see more

A Board to Post your Memory

Please come to share all the precious items, photos, pictures or anything related to MTEC.  We love to post the at our Memory Board to share with all members.  Email to

Photos to Shares

Groups of our members organize local and overseas trips every few months.  Trip photos and upcoming event are posted here.  Click here to see more